Facebook Newsfeed Update & What To Do About It

Facebook & Other Socia MediaSo you already know by now Facebook’s announcement about a major change to their newsfeed algorithm.

The objective, according to Mark Zuckerburg, was to create more “meaningful social interactions” by making posts made by friends and family appear more often on your timeline, than posts made by businesses and brands. Bottom line, people will see less public content from businesses and brands.

When this news came out, you could hear the loud noises and panic as marketers, businesses, bloggers, and basically anybody who is trying to reach the massive audience on Facebook, fret about yet another change by Facebook to their newsfeed algorithm that again, minimized the organic reach of their Facebook posts.

So the collective question everybody was asking was, “What do we do now?”

With all the noise about this new algorithm update, what got lost on a lot of people is that Facebook will not do anything to reduce their ad revenue. As a matter of fact, Facebook didn’t announce anything in this newsfeed update about diminishing the reach of Facebook Ads.

The newsfeed algorithm change was all about the organic reach of Facebook posts from businesses and brands, not Facebook ads.

Facebook or Twitter

You can look at it this way, There are basically 3 types of FB posts.

1.) Posts made by your friends and family.

2.) Facebook Ads (paid reach).

3.) Posts by Facebook pages (organic reach – most affected by the new changes).

Quick question, do you think FB will cut their ad revenue to give you more of #3, i.e. free organic reach? Mwah says naah!

So naturally in this situation, businesses and brands will end up paying for more Facebook ads in order to reach their target audience. Which is always what Facebook wants, so we will see more of #2.

Granted, when investors evaluate social media companies (and since FB is a public company) they look at user growth and equally importantly, user engagement. Because if user engagement falls, users tend to leave the platform. So will see more of #1.

Bottomline, Facebook’s audience is not out of reach. It just means you will have to pay in order to reach them, and when you do, make sure they are engaged with your content. Because that helps to spread the word about your brand, products/services, and it also helps to lower your ad costs on Facebook.

NB: These are just a few tools that Facebook loves that you can use to crush it on FB with this new policy changes. Hint: notice how almost all of them are tools developed by Facebook?

  • Facebook Messenger bots
  • Facebook Live
  • Facebook events
  • Facebook Page Tabs
  • Facebook Surveys
  • Viral share campaigns (using 3rd party tools that enable you to run giveaways, contests, quizzes).

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